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Update #20 - Engraving finished parts

We just engraved a ton of finished parts and thought it would be a great picture to show you!

One of our main goals right now is to speed up our processes in any way we can. While that looks like a ton of parts and takes up our entire workspace, it's only a fraction of the parts for just 20 headsets! Each headset needs 11 aluminum parts and they all have to be machined, tumbled, blasted, and anodized; and those are just the parts we machine. There’s also the halos, headbands, fabric, and assembly; and that’s not including any audio components. While there is machining involved, the Erupt is also very much a handmade headset.

Our pace isn’t quite where we want it to be, but Vokyl workshop optimization is going very well and we’re not gonna take a breath until headsets are in hands! That being said, the continuous making and shipping process is going to take at a minimum several months. We’ve done the math and even considering all the production work we’ve already done, there’s just no way around that. Aside from speed, our main focus is getting your headsets right, and right now doing that takes time. We’ve got the better part of 1000 headsets to manufacture and ship, so this is definitely a marathon endeavor. That being said, we’re still blown away by the amount of backers, thank you so much!

I also wanted to use this update to thank you all for keeping us updated on any address changes or dates you’ll be out of town. You have been incredibly proactive on that and saved us from a ton of issues!

The real journey is finally beginning! It feels so great to be in the last leg of our Indiegogo campaign, it seems like just yesterday we were worried about our Google search results being covered up by a ski company and a Bulgarian death metal band. Now we’re coordinating the manufacture and shipping of hundreds of headsets! Thank you all so much for being a part of this!

Once again, if you have any order specific questions, please direct them to hello@vokyl.ioand include your contribution ID and I’ll answer them as well as I can at the time.

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