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Update #19 - Parts In & Headsets Out!

It was a bit of a challenge trying to find space for 5 pallets worth of boxes but the cases for your headsets are safe and sound in every available nook and cranny in our shop.

We also shipped more headsets out this week! We’re ramping up the speed of our assembly process, the next coming weeks should see exponentially more deliveries than the few per week we’ve been doing so far. We’ve been optimizing our machining times every way we can; cups, yokes, mics, and the other parts are being made faster than ever. :)

We cannot apologize enough for having to abandon our original timeline. Thank you guys so much for backing and giving us the opportunity to bring the Vokyl Erupt to life. Not only for that but the fantastic and supportive attitudes concerning any hiccups along the way. You guys have truly been an outstanding group; you make it feel good to go into the shop every day!

As always don’t hesitate with any questions, you can send any inquiries or comments to

Thank you all so much!

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Update #20 - Engraving finished parts

Each Erupt headset includes 11 individually machined aluminum parts

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