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Update #17 - Headphone Color Census

The time is here for everyone to inform us of their final color and spackle / no spackle decisions. Remember, if you’re ok with your original choices you don’t have to do anything and we will ship as is. Also remember, ALL INDIEGOGO BACKED ERUPTS WILL BE SHIPPING WITH BOTH SETS OF PADS so you won’t have to make a choice there :)

I’ve included some more photos of the blue and orange headsets, with and without spackle. A lot of you have been asking for these so we wanted to get them out before you had to make final decisions on color and spackle.

We’re man enough to admit when we make a mistake and we’re thinking the non-spackled look is pretty sharp! Big ups to you guys for thinking outside the box and asking for that modification!

As of now, the amount of blue and orange selections is almost perfectly balanced. If one starts to get too extreme, however, we’ll have to snap off color changes due to stock issues. We will give as much warning as humanly possible before we do this, but please check those orders and respond to our form ASAP if you want to change your original selections.

The form for choices is here:

In other news, some headsets are out in the wild! The first 25 backers are made up exclusively of locals and some have received Erupts to test them. While we don’t have our final cable shipment in yet, we decided to put some headsets together using the few samples we have. We’ve already made some adjustments to headband size and clamp force due to this feedback, so everything is moving smoothly! We’re super excited to get their verdicts and quickly knock out any other final tweaks.

Please shoot us an email to if you have any issues with the form and we hope you all have a wonderful week!

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