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Timeline News and Production GIFs!

This week’s update comes with some bonus production GIFs! But that can wait, because we’ve got some timeline answers. In our late February update, we talked about how parts had been delayed due to the mad Chinese New Year rush. Since then, we’ve received final samples, approved final samples, and been informed cables are now in production. As the last contracted piece in the puzzle, this is great news! That said, the Erupt cable is process intensive (PCB fab, injection molding, strain relief, over-molding, soldering, and assembly) and production alone will take weeks. In addition to the production we’re already doing in house, we’re doing everything we can to try to speed up the arrival date of the cables. Aside from that, the other major contracted piece we were waiting on, headphone cases, will be arriving shortly!

The aforementioned in house production is going well! For the purpose of full disclosure, we wanted to post some videos for you all but I’m having trouble figuring out our GoPro and just haven’t had the time to get it going. Also lighting the inside of a machine for video is tough, not to mention the actual filming! Currently my work looks like a Jason Bourne fight scene shot inside the Paranormal Activity house. Maybe I’ll get you some actual videos next update, only time will tell...

Anyways, below is a quick GIF of our low pressure molding process for headband inserts. This part and some other hardware keep the headband and yokes secure while protecting the smaller parts of the headband to prevent any breaking. A water cooler pumps chilled water around the aluminum molds to cure the plastic really fast and allow for easier mold release, which is why we can pull the parts off immediately. Take a look!

Our next GIF shows how those plastic parts fit into the aluminum yokes we’ve machined. The next stop for these yokes is our bead blaster, where they’ll get that nice matte finish you can see in the photos of the Erupt prototypes on our campaign page. Once blasted, they’ll head to our metal finisher for black anodizing.

Hope you all enjoyed this campaign update and behind the scenes view of production. As always, thank you so much for backing and you can contact me at

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Each Erupt headset includes 11 individually machined aluminum parts

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