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Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone!

Just checking in to say we’re chugging along on making and finishing parts! We’ve been spending a lot of time on cups and yokes; machining, tumbling, blasting, and anodizing. We received another large shipment of metal this week and are expecting another next week, with more to come in the weeks after that!

Cups and yokes go through several machining programs across 2 different machines, milling them from solid blocks to the parts you see on the Erupt. They’re then put in a vibratory de-burring machine (think a witch’s cauldron that shakes really fast) to smooth out dangerously sharp edges and remove any little shavings left by the machining process. Everyone in the shop has a scar they can show you from a part that wasn’t de-burred properly! We then take them over to our blasting cabinet to give them that nice matte finish and send them off to the anodizer.

We’ve also been matching drivers! Unfortunately, that has to take place in a pretty quiet environment so it involved some later than usual nights of tiptoeing around shoeless and streaming Blues playoff games on mute. To round out the happenings inside of the cup, we’ve been cutting and shaping the damping material that helps tune the sound signature of the Erupt.

We’re still waiting on cables and the accompanying parts, but we’re definitely finishing as much as we can in the meantime! Keep an eye on your Indiegogo email, more updates like this one are on their way! As always, thank you so much for backing and you can contact me via

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Each Erupt headset includes 11 individually machined aluminum parts

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